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Shopping without thinking...

Natural products without toxins.... shopping without harming people, animals or the environment.

Our online shop is  build to share our most beautiful discoveries in the field of Green Beauty &  to share wellbeing with you.


Here you will find a handpicked assortment  of natural cosmetics and little helpers that make life more beautiful without harming people, animals or the environment.

In our online shop we only offer you products that are purely natural, with the highest possible proportion of organic quality. We are looking constantly for Swiss labels that meet our criteria, and European brands are also among our favourites. We live in a time when consumers of conventional beauty products apply 200-500 different synthetic and/or animal substances to their skin every day - many of this are proven to be harmful to health and the environment and nature, humans and animals often have to be exploited to obtain them. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to the task of making alternatives accessible that can more than compete with conventional products in terms of effectiveness, aesthetics and handling and that meet our most important criteria.                          

We manufacture some of our products ourselves by hand.  Whether own brands or purchased ones - we pay attention  Performance and aesthetics and give the products  with a high active ingredient content and ingredients from organic farming always have priority.