Time for you. 

just be...

while healing incense and gentle sounds calming your body and mind

and invite the soul to let go.


DIVE INTO a healing and mystical world 

From November until March also on Sundays open

Shamanic energy work and Reiki

Deeply relaxing, meditative energy work
in a beautiful atmosphere.
This powerful energy transmission gives deep peace while entanglements and blockages on all levels can be released.

Very healing for physical complaints, mental stress or even stress and nervousness.

I work with the laying on of hands and read your body. So I can get you exactly on physical
and draw attention to mental blockages while being energetically charged.

Duration 60min / CHF 110

Energetic massage

A mixture of reiki and classic-ayurvedic
full body massage.
I use our self-produced warm sesame/tonka
massage oil.

The oil is warmed up before the massage and develops a warm, protective effect
almost magical scent.

The massage relieves tension, fears and cramps in body and soul. It promotes detoxification and is extremely helpful in stress and nervousness.

You can just enjoy and forget the world for a moment.
If you wish, I can tell you what your body is telling me about you.

Duration 90min / CHF 146.00

Spiritual Coaching / Readings

Appointments on site or by phone

Due to my sensitivity, I read people and situations very clearly.
This allows me to clarify personal conflicts or professional challenges and many open questions.

Through the transfer of energy during a session, these conversations give clarity and new strength to implement what has been recognized.
Unresolved issues or questions between you and others,
whether they are alive or dead, can be complicated and heavy for the live. It can be very helpful to receive neutral and open answers.
And give you a chance to go forward with more clearness.

Duration 60min / CHF 110


Learn more about Eve

burning incense in a white stand on a da

For a couple of hours....


Where you find what you've been looking for so long outside

  where you really are at home...

                  in your magical world 



Shamanic Journey

A powerful, mystical ritual for a lighter and simpler life. The technique of shamanic journeying is very simple and can be learned without prior knowledge. It also doesn't take drugs or mushrooms to get into a magical and at the same time earthy sphere, to get answers to questions and to heal. It takes a lot more the innocent, childlike openness that we all carry when we're not thinking.

Get to know your power animal and connect with its power. Resolve conflicts without having to do anything. Sit back and draw from the source of healing and wisdom within you. I'll show you the technique and you can use it as often as you like.  

I am currently offering this ritual for 1-4 people. It takes about 2 hours and costs CHF 160.00 per appointment

(not per person)

Appointments can be booked normally via our booking system.

Reiki, shaman and meditation circle


Welcome to our Monday group. If you have no experience with shamanic journeys, I recommend that you learn this technique before attending as this group is a practice group and no techniques are teached. However, participation without Reiki initiation or meditation experience is not a problem, since laying on of hands and meditating can also be practiced without prior knowledge. Together we do Reiki treatments, shamanic journeys or heart-opening, healing guided meditations.  Every evening is unique and shaped by our group energy. Conducted by Eva. 


I am currently offering this ritual for 1-4 people. It takes about 2 hours and costs CHF 160.00 per appointment

(not per person)

Appointments can be booked normally via our booking system.

Open Heart Workshop  -  The path of the open heart   

Experience a few heart-opening hours in which your focus is on the most important person in your life, YOU. A few hours in which you learn to listen to your heart in a simple way and experience what inner light and inner beauty feels like. You will experience what an open heart and inspiration really means in the form of inner images and intuitive feelings. You literally experience on your own body how it feels when you activate your inner self-healing powers and let them flow. You get in touch with your essence, with who you are, when you are not thinking. We work with playful rituals in which the greatest wisdom is hidden. This includes guided meditations, heart opening, energy work, conversations, a nice peaceful atmosphere and a special kind of giveaway.

Discussion rounds are very important for this work, sharing experiences can often be healing for others, too  what has been experienced is better internalized and settled by talking about it. Of course it is never a must, if you want you can also remain silent and enjoy.


Next Sunday workshop:  on request

From 10 a.m. to around 6 p.m

Price CHF 290.00  

Maximum 5 participants  

Registration by email to hello@qosms.ch

Seminar lead by Eva