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Cosmetics and spirituality or what holistic beauty means...

The original definition of the word cosmetics is described in such a way that a cosmetic treatment not only aims to care for beautify the our selfe. It means also to increase the feeling of well-being. So the word cosmetics in itself already has a holistic meaning.

Holistic - holistic beauty, a term with which our mind cannot understand much. But when you meet a person who has a radiance as if the sun lived in the middle of their heart, then you feel this holistic beauty. Regardless of whether this person is beautiful in the classical, general sense. It can be a person who is perhaps overweight and so does not correspond at all to the social ideal. Or an old woman whose face is full of wrinkles. Nevertheless, this person radiates a beauty that is independent of his or her appearance. A beauty that is even contagious, that touches us and makes us feel better. Magical and fascinating at the same time.

When you can't stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself in your mind with all your heart that you love yourself exactly as you are right now. That you love your tummy like a mother loves her child. That you give yourself the love that you want from others. Then it may be that even after a thousand visits to a beautician, you still haven't made any progress. And that has absolutely nothing to do with how you look. It is an inner, mental attitude towards yourself.

Do you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself with the thought of whether others find you pretty? Do you treat yourself to a visit to the beautician to emphasise your beauty, to be pampered and feel good all over afterwards, or to please others? Being holistically beautiful means loving yourself with every fibre of your heart, embracing yourself from the inside. To love yourself as if there were no mirrors in this world. Because nothing makes a person more beautiful than the love they give themselves. That and only that is holistic beauty. Just love yourself!

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