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Is Reiki good for me?

If you suffer from pain, anxiety, depression or tension due to stress. Or if you feel drained and lacking energy, then a Reiki treatment may be just right for you.

Through the simple, gentle touch and the conscious flow of energy, energetic blockages as described above can be released and you can free yourself from old ballast.

It may sound unusual, strange or unbelievable to you. But the essence of Reiki treatment is a gentle healing method that "works" even if you don't believe in it.

Bringing body, mind and spirit back into balance with the help of energy work is an ancient technique practiced all over the world.

What does Reiki mean and where does it come from?

The name Reiki means 'universal life force' or 'divine energy'. Originally, the word Reiki comes from Japanese, or more precisely, there are two words. "Rei" stands for the universal, divine, all-encompassing and "Ki" for life force, prana, divine light. In other cultures there are also names for this one force, such as in China where it is called Qi, or in Hinduism it is called Prana, the universal life energy that permeates everything. Reiki is the art of healing touch, the ability to channel and transmit life force.

Reiki has been known as a healing method for over 2500 years and was already mentioned in the world's oldest Sanskrit scriptures. The method was rediscovered by

Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk who lived from 1865 to 1926. He was a seeker for years, a person who wanted to know more, about energy, about Sanskrit and its sacred meaning and ultimately about enlightenment. At some point in his search, while fasting and meditating, he was given insights into the effects of the ancient healing symbols, which enabled him to realise what he had long dreamed of. By reciting the mantras, which are as important as the symbols themselves, he was able to enter an enlightened state. A state where he could intuitively grasp what a beautiful and profound effect Reiki treatments have on people.

Scientifically it is not possible to prove the effect of Reiki. But numerous people all over the world have experienced the effect of this healing method and have been successfully treated with Reiki. Reiki is also judged rather critically by orthodox medicine, because there is still no method to make the effect of Reiki directly visible.

directly visible. Nevertheless, beautiful, deep effects are achieved again and again through Reiki treatments.

Ultimately, Reiki is about connecting the client with and activating their inner self-healing power by channelling and transmitting the energy.

The procedure of a Reiki treatment

Before the actual treatment there is always a short conversation. We drink a cup of tea together and you have time to fully arrive. To let go of everyday life and com in a relaxed state.

Afterwards you lie down on a warm couch with your clothes on and enjoy the Reiki treatment by candlelight and meditative music.

My work means that I stand as a mediator between the universal life force and you. I have learned to open up and serve as a channel for the light-filled power.

I transfer the energy to you with my hands. Due to the fact that I only serve as a channel, I do not need any energy from myself. The energy that works here on your body, your spirit and on your soul is the essence of all life, it exists in every cell and works through me but not from me.

I feel into you and place my hands on different parts of your body. Sometimes I feel heat when there is an acute issue or a physical disharmony or tension. Then, it can also be that it simply remains cool in certain places. These are the places where the energy is blocked and the Reiki energy can dissolve these blockages. It can also be that certain energy points needs to be massaged or activated by pressure.

Depending on your physical, mental and spiritual state and the desired effect, a Reiki treatment can be made differently and have different effects on you. It may also be that certain ailments that come to the surface become stronger for a moment before they go away altogether.

Ultimately, a Reiki practitioner sees herself as a channel for Reiki healing energy, which means that it is not in her power where the energy flows, how strong it flows or how it works.

A Reiki treatment can also be very effective as a distance treatment. The procedure is such that, in the best case, the person receiving the energy lies down somewhere warm and protected and is open to receive the energy. The Reiki practitioner transmits the energy very effectively to the client.

How does Reiki work?

A Reiki treatment can bring about deep relaxation on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. You may also fall asleep during the treatment. But that doesn't matter, it does not diminish the effect of the treatment.

Your energy body and the chakras are cleansed and strengthened so that your energy circulates more harmoniously on all levels.

The body's self-healing powers are stimulated and it may be that pain dissolves or old emotional blockages disappear.

The awareness and perception of yourself and your life circumstances is sharpened and more clarity can arise. It often happens that you get intuitive answers without having asked a question. About things that occupy or depress you and that you constantly think about. Suddenly "it" can just be clear. This is because Reiki also works on the mental level.

Anger, worries, depressions and fears are alleviated and a feeling of being lifted up and protected sets in.

The immune system is strengthened, especially through the touch, which always has a healing effect.

Injuries can heal faster and illnesses can be endured more easily or even pass more quickly.

Of course, there is no guarantee, nor can one promise a cure in advance. Sometimes we need to suffer to grow from it or to understand the information that each suffering carries before it can dissolve.

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